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the ultimate mom hack: a Walmart+ membership

Moms can save up to $1,300* a year with Walmart+

Delivery truck icon

free delivery on stuff like diapers

Gas pump icon

gas savings to all the well-baby checkups

Video streaming icon

video streaming for late-night feedings

*Savings based on 2 deliveries per week vs. non-member $7.95 fee & 2 orders under $35 per week vs. non-member $6.99 fee. †$35 min order. Restrictions apply.

Cardi B's Mom Hacks

Plus iconzippersover snaps

they’re just quicker

cardi B

Stephanie's Mom Hacks

Plus iconanythingis a changingtable

if you have a changing mat

Stephanie Beatriz

Jenny's Mom Hacks

Plus iconpackone more pairof pants

than you think they need
(& one more than you need)

Jenny Slate

Janelle's Mom Hacks

Plus icongrapesare candy untilfurther notice

toddlers don’t know the difference

Janelle James
A gift card with text saying 'Walmart+ moms save on this so much more'

the perfect gift for moms:
a Walmart+ membership